Flying Pigs

Flying Pigs


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Little flying pigs are waiting for you on board the Slot: Flying Pigs

What are you waiting for? Go to the guide of the tender pigs and discover the winning boxes .

Playing Bingo has never been so much fun .

Flying Pigs Game System

This video slot is composed from 5 columns and 3 paylines. The value of the coin can vary from 0.01 coins to 0.25 coins .

Also here there are the Wild symbols (Jolly) and the winning combinations (Free Spin).

This video slot is very similar to the game of Bingo. In fact, there are 4 bingo cards, composed of a 3 × 5 layout, with 15 numbers on each card.

At the beginning of each round, you will indeed see 4 Bingo cards, each of which will present the 15 numbers. You will also be able to customize with as many cards as you wish to play and choose your initial bets.

If you click on the “Off” button on a box of your choice, you will be able to deactivate it . If, you wish to reactivate it, you must simply click on the ‘On’ button. In the options menu, you can also set the amount you want to play for each coin , as the number of coins you want to bet on each box.

The numbers, instead, will be arranged in 3 rows of 5 columns each, with numbers ranging from 1 to 60 .

The cards will not duplicate the numbers between them, so if you play all 4 Bingo cards, you will see every winning number appear on your box .

The numbers are drawn at random, and players will have to create winning paylines to take home the win .

Like normal bingo, however, big payouts will come when a player completes his Bingo card .

If the flying pig will turn into an evil boar, for the game it will be a game over, or the conclusion of the game.

Some good reasons to choose to play the Flying Pigs Slot

Flying Pigs is available to play on both desktop and mobile devices .

This video slot offers a wide range of winning possibilities with attractive winnings .

It is a slot machine with an approximate RTP of 93.73%.

The brightly colored graphics are very animated and fun and the little pig is waiting for you to extract the winning numbers .

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